No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

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A couple extra points.


I see a lot of comments regarding size and weight. The size and weight of a Z is unimportant to me. I had a set of two F5 bodies (and a Contax 645 body) with digital backs which made the F5 taller, thicker and heavier than anything else. If you put three Z units together, that would be about right. Four or five if we're talking about the Contax.

Anything for sale these days is a great improvement when it comes to size and weight. On the small side, I used to have a 110 format SLR, so they don't come smaller that that! So, the Z is not too small, either.

The lens issue needs one more thing added. I spent a lot of time and money picking and choosing the older manual focus lenses. The ones I have, with the exception of my old 20mm, are excellent. More than a match for 50 MP at the 135 format. Too bad they don't operate properly on a Z. I will pay a lot for a better F adapter for the Z7. I don't know if that one AFD macro zoom would be any good on a Z7. But, it would be fine on a Z6.

As far as the 20mm goes, no Z-mount one yet. But that AFS 20/1.8 is looking pretty good. I will get one of those before too long and kick my antique onto the bookshelf.

The 58mm is a tough one. The new AFS one isn't up to par with the old AI Noct when it comes to 'Noctness'. Note that Nikon left that name off of that one. And, that is the one thing I would want one for. The Z has a new Noct, so there is a big Plus. I am presuming it is going to be stellar. But, Zeiss has the Otus 55mm and it is $2k cheaper than the new Nikkor. $3k if one buys used. And, the same range as a used original Noct. Tough one, there.

The Z, however, offers one the opportunity for a Leica Noctilux. Yes, almost double the $$$ of the new Nikkor. But, there it is. The key Z factor: You can mount just about anything you want by way of a lens on a Z. And, why I keep on reading about the Z.


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