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Re: Size and weight are not why I buy a camera.

DenWil wrote:

JMD-70 wrote:

So, I ask,...what are you waiting for in a MILC system from Nikon?

I am not. The only reasons/ justifications/ rationalizations for Z6/7 are size and weight.

Every commentary I have read has deflected any downside to MILC by stating they want smaller, lighter. Everything they give up putting down their D850 or whatever model DSLR is justified by the trade off in size and weight.

I have zero issue with the weight of a 67, or the noise of the ginormous flapping mirror, or how everyone will see I am holding a camera. The same applies to my D800 series kit.

The thought that I would buy another 35mm camera with even the tiniest bit less functionality to save ounces is absurd. I am already compromising big time with the 2x3 sensor.

At least a GFXs with a 44x33 sensor/ native aspect ratio would be a step up.

It’s cool if your style is more Ansel Adams with a 10 foot tripod on top of your truck, but to others it does matter. Size and weight to start to add up. I normally carry 2 bodies and several lenses, often in very crowded conditions, and my knees ain’t getting any younger. Backpackers, travelers, etc are also looking to go smaller and lighter. The last time I went overseas with a DLSR I felt somewhere between a jerk and a crime target. The Z6 and 7 are very capable cameras, and at this point I prefer the EVF, especially for picture review. Add in IBIS and wall to wall focus points and you start to see the advantages they offer. I still have a D4, D800 and D500 and I’ll keep them around for some specific work. (Well, not the 800. That camera is dead to me) but for 99% of what I do, I’ll use the Zeds

Here is a quote from Nikon Ambassador Ted Hesser, along with a link to one of his shots using the Z7 and new 14-30

“If I can only take one lens with me on a big mountain climb, the Nikkor Z 14-30 F/4 S is it,” Hesser tells PetaPixel. “As a rock climber and adventure photographer, I lean heavily on wide focal lengths where I can incorporate as much of the landscape as is possible to accentuate the size and scale of my subject matter.

“Having a rugged, small, lightweight and sharp f/4 zoom lens from 14 to 30mm is kind of a game changer for me. I used to shoot on a Nikon D850 with either a 16-35mm f/4 or a 20mm f/1.8 prime or a 14mm f/2.8. So right off the bat, this lens replaces three lenses in my kit.”

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