Need better 24-70 for Boston Marathon shooting. Suggest please!

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Re: Need better 24-70 for Boston Marathon shooting. Suggest please!

Yankee Dog wrote:

MichaelHK wrote:

Yankee Dog wrote:

Since I think you are better at this than me, let me ask a question of you.

How do you set up your focus. I currently use AF-C with a single point. But I am not sure if one of the dynamic choices or even 3D wouldn't be better. I am getting acceptable shots, but I think there is room for improvement.

It really depends on what are you shooting, the distance to your subject, how much movement is your subject etc. Not to mention if you want to recompose after focus / use back-button-only for focus.

Like if I'm doing single person portrait I am not hesitated to use face detect. Otherwise I don't ever use it.

Specifically I need focus advice for shooting foot races such as a marathon. The subjects are generally moving toward me and I can get close enough to touch them. (although it would be incredibly rude to actually do so).

I do use back button. And although I would sometime like to recompose, by the time I release the button and recomposed, the subject has changed distance and is out of focus.

Don't recompose on action shots. Move the focus point if needed first, leave enough room to crop after.

Use AF-C dynamic and just put the focus center point right in the middle of the body if you are doing full-body (all the outer points should generally be on the body as well). As long as someone is not overtaking the person and blocking the subject, you should be fine.

You can set the Z6 to the highest frame-rate and do short bursts (3-4 shots?).

Make sure your shutter speed is high enough.. 1/640-1/800? Make sure you are not using aperture too small that would make the background too busy? (Or too large on a 1.4 lens that you making it hard for yourself..)

You just need to practice. Evaluate your photos, remember mistakes, and do better next time.

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