Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

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Re: Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

RED i wrote:

Who cares what people do.

This was my initial reaction to this post (right before "Here we go again!").

After reading through this thread and coming to the hilarious Canon A1 & AE1 posts, I was glad that I didn't skip this topic.

Additionally, I have noticed words like return or (in other similar topics) switching, implying choosing one system over another.  Why not dual or multi-system choices?  Obviously, it makes economic sense to use a single system but sometimes a single system doesn't meet all of our requirements.

The Sony a6000 was a compelling reason for me to invest in Sony APS-C but I didn't care for some of the trade-offs (e.g., video overheating issue).  I decided to proceed with my plan to invest in the Sony system but purchased a Panasonic GH3 & 12-35mm f/2.8 lens for video. Eventually, I became so deeply immeshed in both system to not want to consolidate.  There is no way I would give up my Olympus IBIS and 2x2 dual wheel direct controls nor do I see myself moving away from Sony (especially with the introduction of the a6400 & improved AF/focus tracking).  Yes, there is quite a functional overlap and I have considered plans to consolidate but am too attached to certain capabilities with each system.


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