No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

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Re: Peronally I think that...

armin304 wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

...this thread should be moved to the FX forum.

Where it doesn't belong, since this thread is about the Nikon Z and the reasons an originally interested person didn't buy one.

...but there are more people who consider (or not) the Z over there than here.

This is the Nikon Z forum, and I guess that 90% (or more) of those active here actually HAVE the Nikon Z, so asking here why we don't get the Z is a bit awkward and pointless.

The Nikon Z forum is for everyone interested in the Nikon Z, not only the actual owners.

Yes, but if you want to know why people are NOT buying the Z then the Z forum is the wrong forum because most of us already have the camera...

I dumped my D800 back in November as soon as the Z7 became available. The reasons were many, and all those are valid even today. If I could turn back time I'd do it even today, not a single moment of regret so far. the question that should be asked "Why did we buy the Z6 or the Z7 and NOT a D850 or the D750"?

Edit: I just noticed that the thread was moved.

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