Is Adobe pricing itself out of the game?

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Re: Is Adobe pricing itself out of the game?

tcg550 wrote:

lilBuddha wrote:

But a great many are not making objective decisions.

You got statistics for that or are you just basing that on your dislike of Adobe and their customers?

basic market economics and human psychology. Adobe users aren’t worse than any other group, nor are they better

You chose DXO because you didn't want to use Adobe, you also made an uniformed decision.

No. I chose DXO whilst still using Adobe. ACR was not sufficient to my needs

You didn't? So you're the only one who makes informed decisions

no. I have biases and, despite being aware that I do, I am still susceptible. Pretty much everyone is

or are they only uniformed if they choose something different then you would?

No. It is simply that we are wired for bias. Being aware of this helps as does examining one’s own. But  biology is against being completely objective.

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