Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

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Re: Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

Raist3d wrote:

Ozonation wrote:

Not trying to start a flame war but I asked over in the Fuji forum... replies were very informative and civil! Most went from m4/3 to Fuji and stayed. I'm wondering if there any who went from Fuji to m4/3, or maybe returned to m4/3.

As a note, I run three systems (Nikon, Fuji, Olympus/Panasonic). Not exactly by design: just evolved over the years. I am considering consolidating down my systems.

I have bounced off Fuji and m43rds about twice, but I came back to m43rds for the Olympus 75mm lens which is small and a focal length I use. I find the 20MP sensor in the PenF as characterized by Olympus in the PenF and in Raw on the GX9 a "Fuji envy cure" in that while I still find the Fuji sensor a tad better, the 20 MP m43rds sensor is "good enough."

Funny, although I think my 75 has great IQ,I really don't get along with the FL.  My Sigma 60 2.8 works better for me.

In my case is a bout size, and that's the lens that brought me back. If Fuji ever releases a small "XF 90" @ F3.5/F4.0, I may go there.

Their upcoming 16-80 f4 lens has my attention.  Seems like it could be just about the perfect all around lens.  Can't wait to see some tests of it.

I also think their 55-200 is a masterful job of balancing FL range, aperture, size and IQ.  Wish m43 had some in between lenses (not pro/fastest and not amateur) like that.

Their 14 2.8 also looks great.  No prime like it in m43.

I really think they have the best lens lineup of anyone and there is more 3rd party lenses to choose from than m43.

Right now I am waiting to see what happens with the EM5 MKIII (or whatever 'surprise model' may come in its place). If that card is not played right, I may seriously consider going Fuji XT30.

I like the GX9 quite a bit and I also want to see some things improved, but I am at the moment sort of lost faith Panasonic cares enough about m43rds to make the advances necessary.

Although I love my G9 I have to wonder how much effort Panny will put forth in the future regarding m43.  Certainly in the near future their effort is being concentrated elsewhere.

So I think Olympus cares, but they need to play their cards right.

Yeah I guess we discussed that enough.

That said, even though I went back from Fuji, I really appreciate what they are doing and their lenses.

In the ideal world, the post-GM5 camera would have come with DFD 2, faster processing and the 20 MP sensor by Panasonic but that never happened and it's not happening.

Many wish that, myself included.  Doubt it happens either.

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