Does shooting at higher than base ISO help with recovering highlights?

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Re: Does shooting at higher than base ISO help with recovering highlights?

knickerhawk wrote:

nickolas84 wrote:

By searching the forums there seems to be a consensus that most cameras give you a 2.5 to 4 stop headroom at base ISO for recovering highlights regardless of their dynamic range.

Now I understand that once the sensor is saturated the rest of the info is gone hence blown highlights.

But what about shooting at a higher than base ISO like 200 or 400? The quality is still there to begin with.

Could this help you with recovering highlights in post?

Of course using the right exposure would be the best but I am talking about correcting mistakes here and increasing your keeper rate.

Just the opposite. For every 1EV increase in ISO you decrease dynamic range by 1EV (normally the penalty is realized on the highlight end).

With my D800 the metering is what clips highlights, and they are just as prone to clipping at a higher ISO as they are at a lower ISO. My D800 does not do dual gain, so as I change ISO the headroom in the file stays constant and every zone gets uniformly noisier, thus the shadows realize the greatest penalty of lowering the exposure even as they gain modest benefits as the ISO is correspondingly raised.

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