No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

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Re: Peronally I think that... "Wrong!"

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...this thread should be moved to the FX forum.

Where it doesn't belong, since this thread is about the Nikon Z and the reasons an originally interested person didn't buy one.

This is the Nikon Z forum, and I guess that 90% (or more) of those active here actually HAVE the Nikon Z, so asking here why we don't get the Z is a bit awkward and pointless.

The Nikon Z forum is for everyone interested in the Nikon Z, not only the actual owners.

I dumped my D800 back in November as soon as the Z7 became available. The reasons were many, and all those are valid even today. If I could turn back time I'd do it even today, not a single moment of regret so far.

The op never had an intention to purchase a Z, he opened with wanting a D8xx. If he had actual interest the post would be more questioning then acting as if he really knows the camera

Wrong!  I was amongst the many that waited 'til the clock struck "00.01" as the internet flooded with Nikon's announcement of the Z7, include the surprise to everyone,...the Z6 as well).  I did this just as I had done for other Nikon announcements,....D200, D3/ D700/D300, D3s, D4, D4s, D5, D750,...D800,...D810,...D850!  Yeah,...I lose sleep over this stuff!!!

That said, I also attended the local Nikon "Promo Day" for the Z Series launch at my local brick and mortar camera store!,...  I had already read up on the leaked info for the "Z7",, while others had their ears clued to the Nikon Rep,...I toyed with a Z7 for nearly 2 hours, etc.

That said,...I'm made crazy about the new tech the Z Series bring to the table,...  But!  Like it or not,...the Z7 is not a "Homerun",'s a Base Hit!  Even with Nikon's trade allowance,...I still didn't jump the fence!  As for me, wasn't about the "price"!  It was about the totality of the features the Z Series brought to the table.  Case in point,...the regular Corvette is awesome,..but that Z06 will get your blood 'a-stirring!

So, after a bit of thinking about this,....for many months,...that is,...where is Nikon going with all of this,...I decided to twist my wrist a bit Harder and get the D850!  Yes!  The D850,...a regular old DSLR,...which makes no apologies!  And just think,...the D850's replacement most likely will have many in Nikon's line,...again!

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