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TN Args wrote:

TN Args wrote:

Adielle wrote:

TN Args wrote:

James Stirling wrote:

Adielle wrote:

Your version has the typical terrible jagged artifacts that Prime avoids. Other than that, too much sharpening.

I didn't add any sharpening beyond whatever default ACR applies Why not play along and show me how much better DXO does , I am trying out 2.2 at the moment

I couldn't actually see any 'terrible jagged artefacts' -- why I asked for side-by-side examples too.

Here's a render from PhotoLab. I used Adobe's E-M1 II DNG profile. As always, "Smart Lighting" Off. It's not hard to see what I mean, but I'll include a side by side picture as well.

Left: Adobe, Right: DxO

(Also, I found it very frustrating to use that 'hair' image as an example, almost impossible to know what is in focus and what is blurred due to out-of-focus vs NR)

Your comment applied to James' version, so here is side by side:

Left James, Right DxO PRIME


Now adding a side-by-side of your PRIME vs my RawTherapee NR

Arrows point to colour artefacts with PRIME, that are nice and clean with RawTherapee

Although both images have artefacts in the dark background to the left of the arrows, IMO your PRIME is the more chunky, granulated and 'noisy' in that area.

Your RawTherapee render has a huge difference in exposure, and that's the reason for the difference. You can see that some sections are almost totally lost while they are very clearly visible in the PhotoLab render. When you match the exposure you'll get a similar result. Edited: See nboyer's reply below.

Rawtherapee is free open source software, but my point is not 'which wins', but IMO for you to say that PRIME is miles in front on a pedestal all by its own is not right.

The Prime noise reduction is in fact much better than RawTherapee's. I've tested many images in both, mainly from bridge cameras. That specific sample above is not a great showcase at all by the way.

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