No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

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Re: No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

anotherMike wrote:


1) It might not be a hard bar now, but it was for the D800E - I never felt comfortable with getting consistent manual focus even stopped down further. I don't shoot wide open portraiture - for sure, in that regard, an EVF/AF on Sensor system would be better.

2) Indoor fluorescent light. Same situations, Z7 would hunt, R would lock.

3) Yea, I expect Canon will answer with a high mp back.

4) For what I'd use precision AF for (landscape, certainly not studio where things are moving), the precision focus in LV of the D850 is just fine. Although I use primarily MF lenses for landscape and the focus peaking is nice too.

I'm not a Z hater like some. I just took a hard, honest look at pros/cons and it ended up pretty clear that for me, at this time, the D850 was easily the better choice. If I were wealthy, I'd have a Z7 just for fun too, but I made a commitment to myself 2 years ago to get off the GAS train and only buy what I really needed and that made sense, irregardless of whether it was the hot trendy new toy on the market or not.


I thought your replies have been very measured and thoughtful. Good stuff.

I don't mind if any 'hates' the Zs. People have different preferences and needs. What I find odd are the Z haters who are so convinced their own preferences and needs must be the universal truth, they think anyone who prefers the Zs (say to a D850) is either a paid shill or a delusional rich idiot. That is a bit weird.

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