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Re: Yes WV also followed the Diesel standard..... ;-)

Mark Ransom wrote:

VideoPic wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote:

You say "there are NO standard", I give you a link to the standard.

It's maybe a great idea to post the independent & validated tests....the proof...

See some of us went and try different cameras. I can tell you there are NO comparison between my EM1 II, the G9 and the Sony A7 II IBIS...... wonder why. Oh but do not worry there is a CIPA standard....... get real......

Sure, and why don't you ask for a Unicorn too while you're at it.

It is one thing to argue that the standard is deficient, quite another to claim there's no standard at all.

I admit the possibility that the standard isn't robust or is being cheated on, but the burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused.

Except the accusers in this instance are offering proof.  They are expressly there and others real world experience with the claim IBIS performance is not as represented by the manufacturers.  Testimony of actual experience is evidence.  And while the CIPA Standard is simply a framework for measuring, it is as you've noted subject to the honesty of the manufacturer who implements and reports the results when applied.

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