Canon 10-22 Filter?

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photonius wrote:

Distinctly Average wrote:

I’ve been though this myself in the last two years. On the 10-22 I first tried the Lee system. For a CPL you fitted a ring at the front and the filter in that. Even with the wide angle adapter and no cpl fitted there was a vignette, even with just 2 slots mountedI could still see the corners at 18-19mn

so I switched to the Nisi v5 pro. The CPL mounts at the rear. On my 10-22 there is absolutely no vignette noticeable. It is a bit fiddly but works well. They have just launched the v6 which is supposed to be easier to mount the CPL.

lee have also just updated their holder. I will be interested to see how that fares in this area on the 10-22.

Haida have a new M10 system but it too has problems. A friend found that square filters with a gasket on do not fit the holder. He was not willin to try and remove that gasket on his expensive filters

Ah, that reminds me of the "cheap" Cokin P sized rectangular filters (84mm filters). I got some cheap off-brand filer holders for the Griturn graded rectangular filters.

Indeed, those filter holders will vignette substantially at 10mm on the 10-22 lens.

However, since it was a cheap plastic holder, I cut off the front slot (the standard P holder has two slots for holding two rectangular filters), and a single slot works on the 10-22. The insert part for circular filter CPL, yes, I think that will always vignette.

Yeah, did the same myself. The NiSi system does the trick with two slots plus the polariser as it is rear mounted.  I currently have a lee holder and Haida 105mm CPL sitting in a drawer never to be used again.

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