No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

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Re: No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

I certainly believe in MLC, as I shoot Olympus as well as the D850

I did not buy Z for a few reasons:

1) I really hate the implementation of the Z adapter

2) I have really good F mount glass and I don't see much improvement for my uses

3) Better AF and Battery life on the D850.  Shooting in the cold this can make a difference.

4) For full-frame I shoot off a tripod, mostly, and don't need IBIS.  When I want great IBIS I turn to Olympus, which is definitely world class and the new E-M1X is an impressive and more versatile camera .  If not, I can turn to some lenses with  VR/ OS built in.

5) The D850 is still a better all around camera. With lenses as large as they are, I think you need more heft in the body.  Panasonic made the right choice here.  I think they will be a formidable competitor with FF and M43 systems and Sigma making glass for the L mount.

6) No really image quality improvement over the D850.

7) Not enough native lenses at launch - see point #1

Will I go with Nikon Z in the future.  That depends.  I have been a Nikon shooter for 30 years or more.  I have a nice complement of glass, so it might make sense.  However, some of the newer systems are interesting, so I will wait and see.  My current tools do all that I need, and I will even add two F mount lenses this year.   Hopefully, Nikon will come with the next iteration of the camera and give me some compiling reason to buy.  If I can get Prime like quality our of a set of 3 zoom lenses, then I might go with a Z system.  But, I am a bit skeptical of that as we sit here today.


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