Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

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Re: Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

Well, I did. Once I had Fuji X-E1, and decided that I need better AF and went with Olympus E-M1 alongside for a long time, but then I bought X-T1, and couple of years back - X100F. Sold my E-M1 but kept m4/3 lenses (12-40/2.8 and 40-150/2.8), and decided to go back to m4/3 last year, because there are no alternatives to this 2 Pro zooms in Fuji lineup, and bought a E-M1.2.

Currently, I use either E-M1.2 or X100F for different reasons, Olympus is more versatile, but I still love output and colors from Fuji more. Also, manual dials are pleasure to use, instead of Olympus menu mess, Fuji is simplier and more logical.

What puts me out of staying completely with Fuji - their f1.4 primes are slow to focus, no OIS / IBIS. Does not matter what you put on Olympus - it is stabilized, very handy for travel / museum / cathedral / landscapes and etc.

But I love my X100F as "go-to" camera, when photography is not a main subject of a trip / walkaround, just put it in a small bag or coat pocket, no hassle with "what lenses to take", wonderful manual controls and etc.

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