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Ouch going to qoute your fav CIPA again in a week?

bobn2 wrote:

Jefftan wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote:

VideoPic wrote:

Because there are NO standard, anyone can slap an IBIS logo on a camera and claim its like an Olympus camera.........

In reality, no gets close to what Olympus and now Panasonic achieves......

Excuse me?

i don't care CIPA, A6500 claim 5 stop ibis

i have it and is not even close

"no gets close to what Olympus and now Panasonic achieves" is true

i have to add, i use A6500 with 10-18 with OIS, maybe the ibis and ois is fighting with each other, whatever it just don't work

i order 16mm f1.4 with no OIS, i will see if A6500 ibis really so bad or not

That's the real problem with standards, they tend to be over-objective.

Get real Bob, are you doubting THE standard...... Here's a suggestion my top MFT supporter friend....

Go find a few independently verified tests that proof these IBIS logo's conveniently slapped onto some cameras does work equally good.......

But all reviews out there make readers believe ALL these manufacturers who realized just how amazing Olympus & Panasonic cameras are and then went and slapped a IBIS badge on their cameras....... these camera are as effective as Olympus.....

You a great guy you...

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