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Re: No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

armin304 wrote:

I do own a D700 for the last ten years, four Nikon AF-S lenses, four older Sigma HSM lenses and some screwdrive lenses. The D700 is still a very capable camera, very reliable, only the resolution could sometimes be a little higher. More than four years ago I bought a Sony A7 II for my cupboard full of manual lenses in different mounts, because Nikon had nothing of interest for my needs. One year later Commlite introduced the CM-ENF-E1 adapter that allowed the use of many AF-S and HSM lenses. It's less than perfect, but with the exception of the Sigma 50-500 (first version), my AF-S and HSM lenses do AF at the Sony, which was definitely a bonus. The A7 II is less than perfect too, with a lot of little annoyances, but image quality is good. I do have kind of a love/hate relationship with this camera.

Enter the Nikon Z. I was not really interested in the Z7, but it was earlier available than the Z6 I had the intention to buy at a local store. So curiosity won and I did put a mix of my lenses in the bag, AI and AF, AF-S and HSM and rode with my bicycle to the last remaining classic brick and mortar store for photo equipment in the city.

They had a Z7 demonstrator and let me play around with it. I took the Z7 in my hand and the first illusion went away, with my pinky dangling in the air just like with the Sony.

The second illusion went away, when my old (I own it for 13 years) Sigma 2.8/150 HSM was not even recognized at the FTZ. My 150mm belongs to the Sigma HSM lenses with working AF at the A7II with the Commlite adapter. That it works nicely with the D700 should be no surprise. It's a lens I would really miss. Further reading here and elsewhere showed that all my Sigma HSM lenses where reported as not working with the FTZ. This was really bad news. Hmm.

That the Nikon has no adapter to drive AF and AF-D screw drive lenses was clear from the beginning. But they have the same functionality with the FTZ as with the Commlite at the Sony. The Voigländer Nokton 1.4/58 is my only chipped manual lens, but it was reported as not working with the FTZ. It does work with the Commlite at the A7II and, naturely, with the D700. Hmm.

The FTZ is missing the aperture simulator the D700 has for AI and AiS lenses. But at least metering works with the working aperture set at the lens. Just like with the Sony. No aperture data in the exifs, just like with the Sony, but at least you get the focal length you entered.

I couldn't try myself with a dumb adapter, but what did I read here and elsewhere? With dumb adapters, the focal length entered into the camera will not appear in the exif data. I still can't believe that. Just like with the Sony, when true. Hmm.

That a Z6 or Z7 is a more modern camera than my D700 and A7II, with an even better image quality than the A7II, together with a better user interface, a better EVF and display is quite clear to me. But for now that is not enough to lay down 2000€ for a Z6. Someday, when the A7II or the D700 die, I may get a Z. Or I may get acute GAS before, which may be started by a new Z model with better grip layout and a full articulated display or lower price than now.

Armin,...good read!  I clearly see why you haven't crossed over.  I made a decision today, stated in another reply!  I got the D850!

Thank you....

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