Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

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5ys ago: I choose M43 after using Fuji X-M1 / X-A1/A2

Before you ask this question, it would HELP to differentiate between 2 Fujis!

  • Before (2018 XT-3) Fuji camera AF were Slow & Unreliable with horrible video. I would not recommend buying older XT1/XT2/XT20/X-H1 or A1/A2/A3/A5/XT-100
  • After (2018 XT-3) Fuji camera AF were Fast & Reliable with Stunning Video (even beating out Sony A7-III to win Cinema5d best video camera of 2018).  Sadly, there are currently only 2 models with fast relaible AF: $1499 XT3 and $899 XT30  

5 years ago, I choose M43 over Fuji because Fuji AF was too darn slow & unrelable. But today in 2019, I would heavily consider $899 Fuji X-T30 vs $899 Sony A6400. Currently, these 2 camera have the fastest mirrorless AF, and the most reliable AF tracking that glued to the face. Sony Real-time Tracking AF is amazing, as is Fuji's latest face detection.

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