Canon RP... a mixed bag of feelings

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Re: Canon RP is a genius move

It is always easy to complain about a certain equipment if it does not suit our way of doing things. If we are creative people we must be creative to work around a new set of ways to do things. Photography is a skill which we must continue to improve. Some are faster in learning with a creative mind. Like seeing in photography. If you bring 10 people to a scene, you will most likely get 10 differemt interpretation of the scene. Some see beauty, some don't.

The RP is just another new camera. One must know what it is. Buy it if you think it suits your way of using it. Don't buy if it is not your cup of tea. For street photography for example, I prefer to use the Oly TG4 most of the time. I like its size and ability to response quickly to an opportunity in almost any circumstance as it is dustproof, freezeproof and waterproof. However, many just see it as a camera for snokkling. Many will say it has a tiny sensor, thus, the image quality is not acceptable. For me, despite its shortcomings, it is the ideal camera most of the time.

For your info, I shoot DSLR (usually in a studio enviroment), micro4/3, APS-C and compact cameras like the LX100 or the Ricoh GR. I even bought a Canon M100 for some street photography when I use it with its excellent EF-M 11-22mm f/4.0-5.6 lens. It has its limitation but it is also versatile. It kicks above its weight. A very under-rated camera.

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