D750 random gamma shift after Nikon sensor replacement - Nikon says it's my fault...

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D750 random gamma shift after Nikon sensor replacement - Nikon says it's my fault...

I recently had a sensor replaced (Nikon said it was my fault and charged me for a new sensor on a six-month-old camera - whole other story...) and when I got it back I discovered that the sensor is doing some kind of random gamma shift on successive images. It's obvious because I shoot timelapse - you might not notice otherwise. It's not an exposure change because I can't get successive images to match exposure - I can only match parts of the image, the other parts of the image remain too dark or too light.

Here are two videos showing the problem along with RAW files from the problem camera:


There are two videos: one from an older D750 (D750_A) and the six-month-old one with the new sensor (D750_B).  They were shooting a timelapse on the same scene a few yards apart.  Obviously D750_B shows a bunch of flickering while D750_A shows none.  The RAW files show two cases: one where the images go light-dark-light and another where the images go dark-light-dark.

As I said, it's not an exposure change, it's more like a gamma change.  And there's no way it's caused by the lens because I was shooting wide open.  It's clearly a problem with the body (right?).

Nikon returned the camera to me saying there's nothing wrong with it.  They offered no explanation for what happened (I sent them the same videos and RAW files).  They did, however, charge me for shipping even though I had just gotten it back after paying them to replace the sensor.

Pretty conicidental, isn't it: I just had a sensor replaced and the first time I use it it has an issue in a situation that I've shot hundreds of times before.  But it just happens to be my fault?  Ummmm.... yeah.

So, what's going on here? I mean other than Nikon's incompetence and "blame the customer" attitude.



Nikon D750
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