Is Adobe pricing itself out of the game?

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dwalby wrote:

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ADW02 wrote:

My yearly subscription for Photoshop was $119.88, but recently I was debited for $127.07. I tried to call the subscription department at Adobe to ask the reason for the increase, but was told there would be a 2-hour wait to get through. It wasn't hard to figure out why.

For me that may have been the last straw with Adobe. On1 RAW 2019 is very close to being as capable as Photoshop for my needs, and I suspect that the next major upgrade from On1 will push me over the edge. While upgrades always cost money, I can see waiting three or four years to yet again upgrade On1, saving me a big chunk of money.

I already own Topaz and Nik filters, and Aurora, Photomatix, Luminar and Corel Painter 2019, so I think it may be safe to say that next March Adobe will be history.

I think Adobe has become much like Sears; so big that it has become complacent, and more affordable options will begin to take their toll on the company. If Adobe restored its 2018 price point, and introduced revolutionary and appealing development techniques, they might be relevant again. But I just don't see that happening.

According to their website, the price has not changed, so something else happened.

The amount of increase is about what I would expect if you had previously not paid state tax but it is now being collected. Is it possible your state had previously not collected tax on internet purchases, or does this even apply to software?

119.88 x 1.06 = 127.07

If an additional $7.19 is "the last straw" for the OP that seems like a bit of an overreaction.

Actually, it is the very definition of The Last Straw. The Last Straw is a small thing, not merely the last thing.

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