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p900learner wrote:

pavio wrote:

Hey. What settings do you use in the "Picture Control" option? The standard seems a bit sparse to me, and after adding in +1 in IMAGE SHARPENING, CONTRAST, STAURATION, the image loses details. What do you think?

For quite awhile I had mine set to Standard - as suggested by the book by Stephen Ingraham for nature/bird photography. I since moved Vivid up to +1

Probably comes down to individual preferences.

However, sometime months back there was wonderful discussion, "The true capabilities of the p1000 by Paul K. Payne - I saved his Picture Control comments - think it should be relevant to the p900 as well.

I have not gone through all of the picture control settings, each setting has 3 parameters and each of those have 7 levels of adjustment , an incremental comparison of each change is not practical.

I suggest you pick one you like the most and stick with it, but I would not push saturation or contrast too far, these will reduce detail. Push sharpening in some test shots and look at the JPEGs at 100% and choose a setting that you're happy with, I use Standard with contrast and sharpening +1, saturation in the middle or 0 position.

It was a long discussion - with some other good tips I found


I also saved forum participant McBrig's settings - Picture Control Standard - Image Sharpening 4 Contrast 1 and Saturation 1

Like a lot of things "camera" - in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for your post - hopefully, now decent weather want to get out and work a bit with the Picture Control settings


I've had such a hard time deciding what to do with these settings.  Certainly McBrig's photos are always extremely good, so perhaps the proof is in what you see.  With those settings you mentioned his photos never looked "overdone" or anything, so sharpening at 4 clearly wasn't too much.

I keep reading that when you choose these settings, you are asking the camera to do some of the work "in camera" that you could do in post processing, so sometimes I've had the impression that you should do nothing with the camera settings if you plan to post process a photo, no extra sharpening etc., because you want an image that hasn't had anything done to it so when you put it through Photoshop or whatever you are using, you can do all these things to your own taste from an unaltered image.

I'm still undecided.  I've had my settings on 0 for a few months, but I can't really see any huge difference with settings or no settings.  I should probably do a test and then compare a bunch of the same photos with different settings!

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