DxO PhotoLab 2 Noise Reduction

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TN Args wrote:

James Stirling wrote:

Adielle wrote:

Your version has the typical terrible jagged artifacts that Prime avoids. Other than that, too much sharpening.

I didn't add any sharpening beyond whatever default ACR applies Why not play along and show me how much better DXO does , I am trying out 2.2 at the moment

I couldn't actually see any 'terrible jagged artefacts' -- why I asked for side-by-side examples too.

Here's a render from PhotoLab. I used Adobe's E-M1 II DNG profile. As always, "Smart Lighting" Off. It's not hard to see what I mean, but I'll include a side by side picture as well.

Left: Adobe, Right: DxO

PhotoLab 2, Adobe's DCP profile, no geometric distortion correction (matches the ACR render)

(Also, I found it very frustrating to use that 'hair' image as an example, almost impossible to know what is in focus and what is blurred due to out-of-focus vs NR)

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