No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

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Too little backward compatibility


Specifically, the older manual focus AI and auto focus screwdrive lenses. No AI ring means stopdown shooting. Not for me. And, no screwdrive motor means lousy MF on an AF lens. Again, not for me.

I left the Z6 and the poorly done F adapter in the store and walked out with a Df.

I see it as Nikon telling me to do exactly that. So, I did.

Now there is draw of the Z for use with other brand lenses that use a shorter flange distance than the F. This is already being addressed by 3rd parties.

There is also a draw with non-retrofocus wide angle lenses. Nikon will eventually get around to that. And, also existing from other makers.

So, I am not saying 'never', just 'not yet'. Time will tell.


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