for all FF BS, fuji told the real story, 1/3 market by value, by unit much lower Locked

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Re: It's easy to slap an IBIS badge on a camera.......

Mark Ransom wrote:

VideoPic wrote:

Because there are NO standard, anyone can slap an IBIS logo on a camera and claim its like an Olympus camera.........

In reality, no gets close to what Olympus and now Panasonic achieves......

Excuse me?

i don't care CIPA, A6500 claim 5 stop ibis

i have it and is not even close

"no gets close to what Olympus and now Panasonic achieves" is true

i have to add, i use A6500 with 10-18 with OIS, maybe the ibis and ois is fighting with each other, whatever it just don't work

i order 16mm f1.4 with no OIS, i will see if A6500 ibis really so bad or not

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