Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

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Re: Anybody come to or return to m4/3 after using Fuji?

I bought a Fuji X-T10 to suplement my Panasonic GX7 because at the time the Fuji had some significant advantages.

Noise when shooting long exposures with the 16mp Panasonic sensor was downright atrocious. The image quality when e.g. shooting star trails with the Fuji was vastly superior.

Fuji have the best auto-ISO implementation I've used on any camera, while Panasonic's was the most primitive and borderline useless. I really started to loathe having to waste my time micromanaging ISO on my GX7 when using it in rapidly changing situations.

I ended up using the X-T10 for things like landscapes, indoor events, and street photography, while the GX7 stayed my camera of choice for shooting macro.

Since I bought a GX9 I haven't used the Fuji as much. The Sony 20mp sensor in the GX9 means that the X-T10 doesn't have such an advantage for long exposures. In my opinion there really isn't a huge image quality difference even between 24mp Fuji and 20mp m4/3. Fuji's auto-ISO is still better (elements of Panasonic's implementation are pretty dumb IMO) but at least the GX9 finally has auto-ISO in M mode with EC.

Now my Fuji kit mainly gets used for street photography, or in snow/rain where the chunkier dials are easier to use with gloves on my hands and a rain cover on the camera. I still like Fuji, but overall my m4/3 kit is smaller and more versatile, so that's what I choose when I only want to carry one camera and don't know what I'll be shooting.

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