Testing cameras like cars

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tko wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

I’ve been into heel-and-toeing, double-clutching, rev matching, and other now-obsolete skills for decades,

Not obsolete, I practice them every day and almost every shift.

To belabor the track/street thing, we are now to the point where the faster way around a race course is to equip a car with a good dual-clutch or sequential transmission that to make the driver stir the gears manually.

On the street, the calculus is different. Quickness is not the long pole in the tent. Enjoyment is. So, if you can still find your chosen vehicle with three pedals, go for it.

This may be stretching things, but replace manual transmission with manual focus, and dual-clutch with AF. In many- situations you'll get sharper images with AF. Will it be more fun? Depends. Now replace manual transmission with manual exposure, and dual-clutch with AE. In many- situations you'll get better images with AE. Will it be more fun? Depends.


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