for all FF BS, fuji told the real story, 1/3 market by value, by unit much lower Locked

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Where have ...

Jefftan wrote:

NjoyCam wrote:

Fuji is the real danger for m43 system.
Fuji offers at least equivalent cameras at cheaper prices.
We do not need to discuss the quality of their lenses.
Even Sony, Canon and Nikon must fear Fuij because they have much less APS-C lenses on offer.

i don't think so

no ibis, annoying x-trans

Where have you been? Fuji has had IBIS for a while now. It is in the XH-1. As for the other bodies if you are shooting zooms you have IS also.

Fuji probably has some of the best cameras and lenses out there right now. M43 and everyone else should worry about them. They have been releasing better cameras at a quick pace. The X-H1 is on the older of the line, but soon the X-H2 will be out. If they just add the sensor and video of the XT3/30 I cannot think of any APSC or m43 camera that is better. I'd say the same of the XT-3 right now if it had IBIS.

There must be a lot of fear among the m43 faithful of Fuji since people seem to need to bash them with totally invalid points.

For a long time m43 had the IBIS advantage all to itself. That has been gone for a while now. m43 can't rest on its past laurels.

Edit: Just noticed the XT-3 won the DPR award for the best camera under $1500 beating the EM5 II and Pen F. Horrible camera apparently Would have been interesting to see where they ranked it compared to the EM1 II, but it didn't make the cost cut being overpriced and all. I am wondering why the Panny G9 wasn't in there as it is priced at $1200 in the US and it is definitely the best m43 camera available at this time.

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