No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

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Re: No "Z" Yet - What's Your Reason?

JMD-70 wrote:

I'm looking to return to Nikon FF,....and I'm itching for a D810,...D850,...(can get right away),...or even a Z series body. However, I feel that I would have a more 'complete' camera system if I were to go with a D810 or D850, the appropriate accessories already exist in full un-crippled form for those bodies. If I were to jump to the Z system, I'd have a body that 1) has a smaller Top Display, One Card Slot,...and a proposed Non-Functional battery "Holder".

That said, I personally think Nikon should have not tried to "Be So Much Like Sony!",...and designed the new Z bodies along the size similar to what Panasonic did with their S1 and S1R. Those bodies,...IMHO, are "Homerun" bodies when it comes to their form factor! And those that yearn for a more complete "DSLR" feel would have a more satisfying experience with the new Z Series bodies. And! If Nikon had incorporated Dual XQD card slots,...or a XQD / SD card slots setup,...with a proper Top Display size,...a la D850!,....and with a proper battery grip,...perhaps the new Z bodies would be a Grand-Slam-Homerun hits as well!

Also, I can only imagine a Z Series body of larger dimensions,...where the smaller EN-EL15b battery could be used with a 'butt' adapter,....and Nikon released a larger (longer) higher capacity EN-EL15b-E (extended version) battery designed along the same with/height of the current EN-EL15b. This battery's capacity and Voltage would be on par with the EN-EL18 battery. So, the end result would be a body smaller than the DX series,...and larger than the DXXX series. This would yield a body more suited for balance when larger glass is mounted. Basically, MILC D850! It best have a "O" viewfinder too!!!!

That said,...this is the primary reason I have not jumped to the Z system, I couldn't buy-in on a half baked system! in point for 'half-baked',....I've yet to see the Z system's battery holder for sale,..and ask, does any Z owners have this item yet?

So, I ask,...what are you waiting for in a MILC system from Nikon?

If you frequently use tripods, you won't find the size of the Z6 to be an issue. Because you'll be smart and get one of these:

For the other stuff, that's just all preference.  If you're waiting for something to be perfect, you'll wait forever.

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