Viewfinder Diopter Adjustments

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Viewfinder Diopter Adjustments

Helpful FYI:

I'm one of the lucky devils who have to fudge with the viewfinder diopter adjustment on my cameras. Just one more reason why I hate having lost my 20-20 vision a few years back.

I thought making this post would be helpful to those members who also have to play these adjustments which become most critical when focusing manual mode.

1) It appears that those Canon cameras with built in diopter adjustment have tiny little rotate left or right thumb dials which have no visible scale. What they do have is a small mark that indicates what must be 0 index, if you align it with the matching mark on the camera body. From there, I believe, each click is 0.5 adjustment, clockwise or counter clockwise, assuming that counter clockwise is toward increasingly negative adjustments.

Note that the alignment marks on some cameras like my EOS 1dx are not white on black and are so tiny as to be next to invisible. The marks on my EOS 5D Mark II are white on black. BTW: The diopter adjustment thumb dial is normally hidden behind the removable eye cup on some cameras, like the 1dx MII (G). That makes it less comfortable to adjust in live shooting situations.

2) You should not assume that the diopter adjustment for the camera viewfinder corresponds to the diopter for your glasses. The range for the camera viewfinder diopters appears to go from -4 to +3, with -1 being set by default when you receive the camera new.

3) Older Canon cameras do NOT have built in diopter adjustments. The ed viewfinder eye cup accessories support the adjustment in the awkward way of having separate eye cups for specific increments, negative and positive. By awkward, I mean that a) you need to fork out anywhere from @ $25 to $30 for each eye cup and b) you need to do so by chance that you've identified the correct cup to use - which is not an easy thing to do. At best, if you own a newer camera, you can adjust for the diopter you need, being careful to count the clicks since there is no visible scale, and then, settle on which ed diopter viewfinder cup to purchase for your older camera. I have this problem right now with my EOS 3 SLR which does not have a built in diopter adjustment. Given, the EOS 3 is not digital in the sense of having a sensor, but some of the first truly digital Canon dSLRs actually preceded the release of the EOS 3, so it applies to mention it here.   These diopter adjustments are very critical for me on the EOS 3, because the EOS 3's eye control focusing does not seem to work quite right when wearing eye glasses.

I have looked for an accessory viewfinder eye cup that might have the ability to adjust, but they don't exist. The only thing out there is a viewfinder eye cup that is an extension from the the camera body to allow more comfort when pressing your face against it to focus.

I hope that's helpful to those members and lurkers who need to make those adjustments.

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