Canon RP... a mixed bag of feelings

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Re: Canon RP is a genius move

BirdShooter7 wrote:

I think we can agree that isn't exactly equivalent for many reasons.

Why? That Elan or my Fujica AX-3 which I got in 1985 had a full-frame "sensor" but otherwise had consumer-grade metering and consumer-grade focus assist.

Same for the RP. It is entirely consumer-grade components except for one: the sensor size. If what you're missing with APS-C is the optical characteristics such as DOF control, you can get that with the RP.

There are differences: The Elan and the Fujica could use both the cheap, supermarket checkout KodaKGold 100, or the pro's favorite Fujichrome Velvia. With the RP you're pretty much stuck with the sensor that Canon chose to use. OTOH they all support lenses from the cheapest to most expensive. So it's much more equivalent than it is different.

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