Canon RP... a mixed bag of feelings

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Re: Canon RP... a mixed bag of feelings

djourisman wrote:

That's why it's important go into a store and compare the EVF on the RP (and R) to an OVF. Before purchasing. Our local brick-and-mortar camera shops are a valuable resource, and if we don't support them by giving them our business ... well ...

No argument here, and I did, but in the store the issue with bright sun light did not popped

I love the R's viewfinder (3.7 millions dots) and prefer it to the OVF on my 6Dii — brighter and very detailed image.

The RP's EVF has only 2.36 million dots — no wonder you are disappointed — only 5/8ths the resolution.

Resolution is fine for me! Totally!

What I do not like is that its luminance does not adjust with ambient light.  I authentically cannot see details than.   This OVF versus EVF issue has been debated for years: In OVF the energy of the passing light is always proportional to the energy of the ambient light.  EVF can mimic it only by excessively draining the battery in sun light.  No battery can compete with sun, lets agree on the simple truism.  And according to information given by some of our Japanese engineers, both main DSLR makers hesitated to drop OVF for a long time, till the EVF's matured and can be used as a viable replacement.  I am sure the progress will not stop here either, and the EVF's will keep improving.

On the flip side: In dim conditions the EVF can provide visible details, OVF will not.  I always walk my new bodies to the Stanford Memorial Church for a series of comparative images, and enjoyed the view through the viewfinder in darkest corners of this marvelous church.

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