Canon RP... a mixed bag of feelings

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Re: Canon RP... a mixed bag of feelings

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Add to it some "little annoyances". For example, the lens cap of the RF mount fits in only one position. In a worst case twist it by close to 360 degree! We have had this blunder with Nikon 1 mount several years back already: Turn and twist the lens cap, and twist, and twist some more till it finally fits. Pity that the motif which you wanted to shoot is gone meanwhile, while you have fiddled with the lens cap . The EF lens cap fits almost instantly. One can change the lens in a shortest of time. The "modern" RF is a step back, it is a drag.


I recall how similar complaints were made when the Canon 6D was launched. It was the smallest FF DSLR camera. Its OVF wasn't 100%, its ergonomics not at par with pro

Not me, I used to have 6D and 6D Mk II till very recent, especially for their small size: I walk a lot cities and photograph. I ignored the web-bashing of the 6D MkII especially, and I think it served me well. Thus my choice of the RP.  Very nice to carry around for extended periods of time.  I just climbed this weekend several hills of San Francisco with the RP.  Great for such type of action, except for the dim viewfinder.  And the RF 24-105 is a step up from the EF version. Capture One 12 will soon support the RP, they told me.

bodies, it was bad bad bad. And yet it became one of the most successful FF bodies ever manufactured by mankind. Its price and image quality is lauded to this day by many photographers. Its capability got so widely respected eventually that the 6DMII's main competition was the camera it was supposed to replace!

If the EOS RP is bad because its image quality is awful, I'd give you a thumbs up. But all that you complained about is not related to the effort of trying to make a great image. Lens cap, really? Can you imagine how to be a photographer in an era where external flashes were literally fire hazards?

Yes, really: Lens cap.  Its what we call an "avoidable error." It is not rocket science, and we have had this issue with Nikon 1 already.  So is the battery choice.  For 35g, or 1.5 oz extra we could have had the LP-E6.

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