for all FF BS, fuji told the real story, 1/3 market by value, by unit much lower Locked

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Re: Real story: brutally competitive market

Jefftan wrote:

NjoyCam wrote:

Fuji is the real danger for m43 system.
Fuji offers at least equivalent cameras at cheaper prices.
We do not need to discuss the quality of their lenses.
Even Sony, Canon and Nikon must fear Fuij because they have much less APS-C lenses on offer.

i don't think so

no ibis, annoying x-trans

And Fuji is still a bulkier system for truly marginal IQ differences at the extreme ends of photography.  Why would I pick up a bigger, bulkier, no IBIS, XTrans, poorer weather sealing, less featured system over an Em1 Mark II?

I can't find any FF system compelling enough to do that much less an APSC system with less features.  Even FF systems have at least crappy IBIS and great CAF.

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