eye AF revisited

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eye AF revisited

Does Sony's eye af focus on the iris or on the eyelashes?

warning this is heavy nit picking so turn back now if you are easily offended

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well I took a dummy head and cut the eye socket FAR behind the location where I drew some rudimentary eyelashes and low and behold.......

not realistic at all. That "iris" is a full inch behind the "lashes"

I also don't know how much my dummy head influenced things. The eye af algorithm did not like my eyeball. It would easily see the face but did not like the eyeball. I guess the algorithm is smart enough to know when an eye is not an eye. I only released the shutter when it was sticky on the eye

Settings. a7iii, Caf, wide, BBF , lowish light levels(histogram included), handheld, OC flash bounced, ten shots, various lenses. pretty much every one seemed on the front lash. i even tried to macro but once you go in to tight the algorithm fails

Now in at least two years of shooting real faces I have rarely had a noticeable eye af error. Some of that would be that in real world shooting nobody has eyelashes that are that far from their eyeball. I purposefully exaggerated the test to be able to tell where exactly the camera was focusing.

I am also pretty familiar with the 6dii and 5div face AF and it isn't playing the same game at all. It just get's you in the margin of the "plane" of a face and it is a crap shoot about whether that gets critical on an eye or not. Of course at great enough distances or with heavier DOF you are never gonna see this

I encourage someone else to redo this if they see an error or find different results. I know I should probably redo this but I am putting about as much effort into this as I get paid too.....

Edit: the model head was a bit smaller. Think 4 foot tall kid sized . That was the $3.99 one......

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