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Re: for all FF BS, fuji told the real story, 1/3 market by value, by unit much lower

Tom Caldwell wrote:

James Stirling wrote:

Whatever Fuji are saying and funnily enough they do not have any FF cameras Not that long ago they were predicting massive market share declines for Canon an Nikon meanwhile back on planet earth . Canon and Nikon accounted for 74% of all ILC sold worldwide

. The FF market is multiple times larger than the entire m43 market both in volume and especially in value. And given that all the big players are now in the FF mirrorless game I fully expect the market share of FF to grow. Given that m43 market share is if anything in decline I am not sure I see how your gleeful post matters here

Jim, if fashion follows precedent I imagine that many FF ML purchasers will buy an expensive body and a few lenses and keep them “forever” as a potetnial family heirloom - much as once there were entry level film cameras but most wished for some defining level of camera body and one or two lenses which they both when their finances eventually permitted and kept for the rest of their lives.

I doubt if there will be strict parallel experience but the reality is that those who buy expensive camera gear and churn it over regularly are, and will increasingly, become rare rather than mainstream.

It defies belief that the present churnover market will continue to be as busy as the cost of camera body entry gets higher, new updated models get fewer (unless Canon has its way ) and lenses get more expensive as variety increases and smaller market sales occur for each type in due natural course.

One might wonder if there is room for four or more big players scattered over four incompatible mount systems (for FF ML) to expand to full systems - probably too big to actually fail but the resolve to be a fully fledged system player might weaken if they don’t get anough market share.

Going back to precedents I am not at all convinced that FF ML will become the de-facto future standard but will serve more for photography as the “Medium Format” served for film. There is a place for the “new digital version of 135 film gear” and I think it is more like 4/3 and aps-c sensor although if the market hankers for the most expensive FF sensor solution (when only the best will do) I am sure that the manufacturers will be happy to oblige and run with the craze until the market itself decides that FF is kind-of expensive and a bit harder to cart around when travelling.

It still has a way to go before the reality sets in ....

Meanwhile “new” is exciting until “new” runs out of puff because the manufacturers run of of puff-$$ to keep regularly adding more of this exciting new product to their inventory.

With the advancements in sensor technologies, I find it really remarkable that folks think FF IQ is going to be the determinate factor going forward.  It's already something many folks don't think is worth it or necessary.  Size, portability and features are going to drive this conversation.

Most people forget 4/3 got to where it is today by cannibalizing larger sensor market share. It's not a fad folks.

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