Considered the 6400, or even the older 6500, but now not think that is a good idea.

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Considered the 6400, or even the older 6500, but now not think that is a good idea.

These last years I been traveling around with two cameras. The Sony RX 100 M3, honestly the best compact, I ever owned. And for Bokeh on my portraits my old Canon D 550. I have done a big error with my D 550. I used the heavy, heavy 18-135 mm lens; only 1/ 3.5 - 5.6 mm, reducing its use. I had bought a 50 mm 1.4 U lens. Although good glass, AF not working well, and exposure off most of the time (no not used it wide open). So I become to dislike my 55O more and more, stupid me.

At the end the 1.4, 50 mm lens broke down, no focusing at all. I found my very old 50 MM, 1.8 and had no choice to use that. Now exposure is good, and AF much more satisfying.

BUT..... This holiday, I was using sometimes 3 camera's at the same time. All my regular stuff, with as usual the RX 100, portraits, the Canon D 550 and a lot of pics to please my gf, to post it on fb, the Samsung S 8 phone. These look surprisingly good on the phone's screen. I selected raw, but did not see it switched to regular after using. So I am stuck with only bad processed and over sharpened pics. PITY!

Now, here comes the 6400 in. I was thinking, as this is compact, is a DSLR, not need to put glasses on and off, use it for most of my travellings, instead of carrying and changing cameras, this could be much easier for me. I had the camera in my hand at the shop here in Thailand. Much compacter, great. They also had the Canon M 50, where nobody is raving about as the Sony's. Rather compact too. I took a shot in the shop of the salesman int he shop. Close. But colors of the sony, a bit too yellow at my liking.

I went home. Reading, thinking and now think the Sony would not be a good choice:

- Older design, and expect selfies, and better AF (but would that make a different, for somebody wanting good holiday pics?), some let down, for a modern camera.

- Buying all new lenses. The kit lens, not so good reviews.

- Battery life, also a problem on my RX 100 and not coming close to the D 550

- Even a bit bulky, the Canon 550 D is still a good camera. It is ME who takes the pic, and with some PP, not sure if final result would be so much better with a 6400 or 6500.

I still want it easier. Use the Sony RX 100, where I not need Bokeh. And go around for the rest with one camera, not too big, who can do it all.

So instead of buying the Sony, would I still not be better with either using my Canon D 55O with a Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens? Or even a Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM, that would satisfy all my needs? Or buy the Canon M 50, easier as I am shortsighted, and do not to fuzzle with my glasses? I could still use my very good 1.8 50 mm?

Or still leave the option open, buy the Sony a 6400, with one better lens to start with.

You can see my pics, and the kind of amateur photographer I am below.

Link of result traveling with 3 cameras this time, with a lot of frustration, and not working well/

For the lazy people some pics of 3 cameras

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2 Canon, 2 RX 100 and 2 Samsung S 8

see my pictures at

Canon EOS M3
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