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billyb12321 wrote:

I currently own a Nikon D3300 with 3 lenses (17-50 2.8 DX lens, 50mm 1.8 FX and 70-300mm DX) and I'm thinking about switching to a fullframe mirrorless camera later this year. I was initially thinking of going to the A7iii as it seems to be the best in this category at the moment but since then I've seen good reviews of the Z6 and I am now considering it.

I mainly use my camera as a hobby with occasional jobs (although I hope to get more photography gigs when I go to uni next year). The fact that it only has one card slot isn't a deal breaker and SD cards seem to break (physically) quite easily so the XQD format may be a benefit despite the initial card price and single slot.

I really like the look of the ergonomics and build quality of the Z6 (e.g. much better weather sealing than the sony) and the fact that I already have two lenses I can use on it is also drawing me towards it. However there are still many ways the a7iii is better - better AF (although eye AF is coming soon to the Z6), better battery life and most importantly a better lens selection.

I would be looking to build up to about 3 main lenses, probably a 35, 85 and wide zoom such as 16-35. An advantage of the Sony system is that there are wide aperture good quality lenses available at these focal lengths, whereas nikon are still working on their Z line and it will be a while before these are available (and affordable). At the same time due to the Z mount's size these lenses could become available and cheaper / lighter than those for the E mount - and some people think that Nikon will be able to make more improvements e.g. to the IBIS due to the Nikon's mount design. I know that I could buy nikon fx lenses in the appropriate focal lengths and adapt them like I will with my current lenses but that defeats the point of having a lighter system than a DSLR - I would want to buy new Z mount lenses.

Which would you recommend out of these systems?

Don't listen to some people on DPReview...

I don't think the A73 is very well sealed in spite of what some people say:


Nikon colors are WAY nicer than Sony. If I were starting today I would pick a Nikon D850... But it is a heavy beast. I also have a mirrorless that I carry w me everywhere and it is the A7R3. I like it a lot, but I really dislike the colors, the microcontrast and the HUGE uncompressed RAW files. I am waiting for Nikon to come up with a better version of the Z7 so that I can ditch the Sony... ;p

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