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It sounds like your decision is made for you by your choice of lenses. Go with the Sony as e-mount has the lenses you want native. In reality there isn't a much in the way of difference between the two bodies in terms of output, both have great DR, clean high ISO, sharp 4k video, etc. The Sony has better autofocus (speed and reliability) and battery life, the Nikon has a better viewfinder and likely better ergonomics (haven't shot one yet so I can't comment). Both will take great photos and video. So your decision comes down to glass. I chose Sony FE as my system because of lenses, not the body itself.

Looks like I'm going this way atm! I guess there's no point getting a really good camera if I don't have the lenses I want, and the Sony does look just as good.

Hi. We both are in the same boat lol. I’m upgrading from the same camera too! I too was decided on the a7iii until I saw some positive reviews on the Z6. So I bumped my thread here again and got some interesting opinions.

For me, the only factors that are favouring the Nikon are the evf and the touchscreen. Weather sealing is a factor but I think the Sony is going to be fine as long as you don’t abuse it. In every other department the Sony seems to be better. I went to the shop to see how good the Nikon is. There’s a lot of hype surrounding that camera these days. I liked the camera. That 24-70 is no small lens :). But it’s really good. Better dof capabilities than any f4 lens I have seen. The evf in the camera I tested was good but it was ‘unrealistically’ bright. The overall performance was very good. ISO performance is good too. That top display looked a bit cheap to me.

Now, I haven’t been able to compare the two cameras side by side. I’ll try and get the Sony once again to check. I’ll probably take a decision in a week. Evf is a huge factor for me as it’s something that we use every time we use the camera. So I’ll have to compare that.

Coming to the hype factor. Nikon cameras will always create more hype than a Sony camera because many pros and senior photographers are Nikon shooters and in this particular case they’ve been waiting for something to compete with the Sony. There are even more pros that shoot with the Canon so if the EOS R was as good or better than the Z6 and the a7iii, the hype would have been unreal! The camera world would have turned upside down.

Lens selection is limited on the Z mount right now but it’s going to improve quickly I think. If I really want to go for the Z6 I won’t be bothered by the lens selection much.

I’ll update my thread once I finalize.

Hi, thanks for sharing your insights - definitely sounds useful to go and try the cameras! The main problem with the poor lens selection for Z6 is that although I want it to be a long term investment, the most money I will make with it will probably be at uni in the next 3 years as I am not planning to pursue photography as a career - meaning I probably want to have the right lenses now. I am looking to buy whichever I decide on during the summer as I only have the money for a body right now, but it will be interesting to hear your thoughts when you've made your decision! Also there might be more information about lenses by then / the a7iii might be cheaper due to the release of the a7siii.

I’m also having some budget constraints as I’m not a pro either. And as we’re hobbyists, it’s important that we don’t spend too much money in it. When I look at the lenses for the Sony, the obvious choices are the Tamron 28-75 and the 17-28 (yet to be released) + 1-2 primes and a tele. There’s a Sony 70-200 f4 tele and there are rumours that Tamron might release a tele in the future. The great potential and superiority of the Z mount was something that I acknowledged everywhere until Sony released the 135mm. Lensrentals says it’s the sharpest lens they’ve ever tested. So I’m now convinced that e mount will continue to produce great lenses and that I shouldn’t really be basing my decision on the mount.

The 24-70 is a great lens. It’s very sharp even in the corners. And they’re releasing a 14-30 with a filter thread. It’s more expensive than I thought it would be. And it looks like an 85mm 1.8 will be released this year. If you can’t wait, there’s the 85mm 1.8 FX lens which is available for $300-400. The only problem is in the telephoto range. Spending a lot of money on an FX tele may not be a wise idea. It’s better to rent FX teles until they release an f4 tele. The f 2.8 tele they’re releasing will definitely be expensive.

Everything, including the dxo mark scores are favouring the Sony. It’s a very small margin but it proves very clearly that the a7iii isn’t behind the Z6 in any department. So it’s a 50-50 case with a small advantage to Sony in terms of image quality.

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