Canon RP... a mixed bag of feelings

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Re: Canon RP is a genius move

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I definitely have the impression after using mine quite a bit over the past couple of weeks that Canon intends the RP to mostly be used as an "automatic" camera. If you let the camera take care of everything it does a pretty decent job. It is when you start to try to take more control over the creative process that things get frustrating.

That is not strange given the entry level price

it is marketed towards beginners in the FF world😎

Going to pick one in a few hours.

After a life of Kodachrome, P. & S., APs-C, and a 6D, I like the price feature ratio of the RP.

I am currently shooting with an M50 and I see the RP as an upgrade. I missed the 16-35mm and the 100-400 was simply a monster on the 50.

Reading the 600+ page manual opened some features like Focus Stacking or the intervalometer shooting. New to me and quite interesting.

I enjoy your comments.

Traded-in a few bodies and lenses and plunged into the RP (R) world. After unpacking from the dark boxes, it was late enough to have only household stuff to shoot...

Tomorrow is a beautiful day in Vancouver... be up and early with charged batteries.

So far, the lens feels like it is the camera. The balance is OK, though. The features on the RP are amazing and what you get out of the box is very god, imo.

it was a long day, the WB is what a lousy LED put through. Not that long ago, ISO 3000 was not workable... Progress has been made!

Looking forwards to the early am!

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