Best way to shoot during all the best hours

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Best way to shoot during all the best hours

Does anybody else do this ?

I love to shoot during the sunrise, just as much as I do the sunset.... But it's "really hard" for me to get up early enough to get myself ready, drive however far I need to, and then be setup and ready to shoot, 15 minutes before the sun hits the horizon. I mean, depending on how far the drive is (for me, Yosemite, and Mt. Lassen / Burney Falls are both 4hrs) So in reality, for places like this, i would need to get up and get ready at 11pm or midnight, the night before ! And then I'd be braindead the whole day ! Even for closer places, getting up at 3am is still just too darn early !

So here's what I do. I get up at my normal time (9 or 10am. I work late so this is normal for me) take my time getting ready... Breakfast, coffee, internet time....

Leave the house about noon. Get to my spot around 4 or 5pm.... Plenty of time to setup for the best evening light and sunset. Shoot ! Shoot ! Shoot ! 🙂

Next, get the car ready for a good night of sleep 🙂 Don't forget my bedspread and pillow from home + cold coffee drinks and donuts in the glovebox. Surf DPreview on my phone, until I get tired of reading people arguing and bashing each other 😀 lol

Set my phone alarm for 30 minutes before sunrise.

Jump up, get my camera and tripod setup, and Shoot ! Shoot ! Shoot ! Done by 9am. (Just about the time the crowds start to show up) Start driving and be home by a reasonable hour..... Or, if I'm not in a hurry, I will use those daylight hours to explore areas to shoot the next time 🙂

And now that Spring is upon us, I'll be doing some overnighters like this soon ! Whoo hoo 🙂

PS, another huge benefit of shooting sunsets and then sunrises like this, is that it doubles your odds of catching a fantastic sky ! Rarely will both the morning and evening sky be equally great !

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