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Re: Walmart’s On-Line-Only Grey Flea Market

James809 wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

Third party repair service does not have access to the parts.

They do have access to the parts after the camera has been on the market for a while. That's the case for a D810 .

Oh, be serious. Do you know definition of "rumors"?

But this is not a rumor

"A reader already checked with the two largest repair centers (APS and C.R.I.S.) and confirmed that both have been supplied with all the necessary info/certification/parts for work on the mentioned models and that both will work on grey market bodies

Read more:"

Bet I can call any of the service centers specified by Nikon and they'll confirm

On top of that did you actually read the article?

Yes of course, see above

did you actually go on the Nikon site.

Yes, I chose D810 and it came with 15 3rd party service centers There is no mention of any restrictions wrt grey products old or new:

"The Repair Stations listed below have been trained by Nikon and are authorized to repair your Nikon"

" Authorized Repair Stations are independent businesses, price quotes are at their discretion and not subject to review by Nikon Inc"

(Underline characters added for emphasis) Looks like these repair centers have a free hand to repair anyD810

They are totally wrong. What it means is that if the camera is new it can only be repaired by the Nikon.

There is no statement to that effect. Please provide the exact quote.

The way it really works is that if you want a grey D810 fixed under warranty you still have to send the camera back to its original country of export, or pay a 3rd party service center in the US.

But if the camera is old it can be repaired by an authorized repair service.

That restriction is not indicated on Nikon's page

No where it says that Nikon provides non-authorized service.

Nowhere does it say that Nikon forbids 3rd party authorized service centers to repair new grey market products. But these service centers confirmed that they may, see above.

Easy to check, just type in Nikon D4 in to search box and site will list all the authorized service places.

That is why it says right on top:

Read above. Nikon does not sell parts to non-authorized services.

Nikon does not say so anywhere as far as 3rd party service centers for the D810 are concerned. Again provide the exact quote otherwise.

The site is Nikon Rumors. Not Nikon Facts.

Everything said there needs to be confirmed and even posts from people need to be confirmed. Otherwise these posts classified as rumors and hearsay. Nikon page says no grey market repairs I believe Nikon not rumors. You can believe whatever you want.

So would you accept a statement from a Nikon-originating page that a given camera could be repaired at any authorized Nikon repair center?

I would accept a statement that Nikon USA authorized repair center will repair Nikon USA camera. If you find non-authorized repair center that can repair a Nikon camera there is nothing wrong with it but there is a reason they have not authorized status. If Nikon finds out that an authorized repair center repairs grey market camera they can loose their authorized status. And I don't care who, what site etc... said what. If Nikon does not say it on their site then it is not true.

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