OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

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OMD EM5 III features to be competitive (part II)

The other thread

filled up and some people were contributing with interesting lists at the end so decided to open a part II. Fire away you're lists.

For reference, but starting with additions from comments from the other thread that caught my attention

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Extra items


- faster wakeup / sleep

Extra credit

- higher EVF resolution

Sorry if Missed something else

------------------------- Original list

Was wondering myself what does this camera have to have in order to keep competitive when it comes out. Here's my list, please share yours if you feel so inclined.

Must Haves

1 - 20 MP best m43rds variant sensor. Bring out the same old 16 MP and face death. Fast readout to avoid e-shutter rolling shutter. A move forward for the EM5 line.

2 - PDAF - no excuses. This needs to happen. The Fuji XT30 has this. The Canon EOS M100 has this.

3 - Ability to AF into -3 EV or better (like EM1X). Another "needs to happen" since the competition has gotten better here than EM5 MKII.

4 - 6 stops IBIS without any of the "sync IS" lenses - it's ok not to have the 7+ of the EM1X, but push that forward a bit on this line

5 - better build - the EM5 MKII comes from an era where some Olympus cameras have issues. I had a screw from my LCD unscrew itself over time and was lucky enough to see it, and fixed it. Olympus has mentioned that they are looking to increase the build quality of their cameras across the line on EM1X interviews/etc.

6 - hand held super resolution - this will allow it to compete with some peers at its class level

7 - Super resolution of 80MP files (like the EM1X)

8 - Camera needs to be fast. Change a dial and change the setting. Like Leica/current Panasonics do ideally. At least like the EM1 mKII does which is pretty fast. If you think the Olympus cameras have been fast in UI feedback all along you really need to try a Panasonic GX80/85 or even the GX850. Change aperture or shutter speed with the dial and you'll see what I mean.

9 - OLED EVF high refresh/low latency EVF. The Pen-F has one. And the current Fuji's do very low latency.

10 - Price- if the camera is pretty solid and small, I think they can charge a bit more for that combination. EM5 MKII came at MSRP of $1099.99 USD. I think they could charge $1299-$1500 for this. But has to be done right.

11 - No fear to improve their EM5 MKIII with new technologies over even in some areas- the EM1X. Coming later in the year, do something extra. Don't hold back or have the competition roll over you.

12- No bigger than OMD EM5 MKII

Extra credit

Auto - LCD dimming so when you shoot indoors or at night you don't have to manually change the LCD brightness. Panasonic has been doing this for years now.

Come out with the smaller prime lenses - re-issued in weather sealed form to go with this camera. Small pro that can shoot in all weather.

PenF color JPEG engine profiles

They could sell a new grip with extra CPU power for those AI AF modes or other things.

(lower priority) No EVF blackout (up to a certain fps) when shooting in continuous mode

Simpler UI that doesn't sacrifice in power

Smaller than EM5 MKII like an EM10

Things they can skip to differentiate the line

- no machine learning driven Ai AF - yes, we can skip shooting trains, planes, cars

- smaller buffer for continuous shooting

- the ridiculous 15/18/30/60fps drive modes. Really, not required

- no dual card slots

Interesting additions from comments in the other threads

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