DxO PhotoLab 2 Noise Reduction

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Re: DxO PhotoLab 2 Noise Reduction

Jim - Are you up for a little fun? :-).  If you provide a high ISO raw file, I'd like to give it a shot with DxO and you can convert with whatever you prefer and we can put it up for people to choose which they prefer.  All done in good fun of course.  Cheers.  -Norm

James Stirling wrote:

I know a lot of folk here swear by DXO prime but I don't see it any better than other NR software options . When you look at the posted prime example at all closely it looks like a cartoon . I hate high ISO noise so I am possibly an over harsh judge Unless you are forced by circumstances to go down that dark and noisy road avoiding it is the best option

Given the excellent IBIS and a static subject { I know you were just picking a handy test subject } you could easily have shot this 4 stops lower at 1600 ISO or better still used a tripod and shot at base ISO

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