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Re: DxO PhotoLab 2 Noise Reduction

While I prefer LR as my main RAW converter, I also use DxO.  Based on my personal experience DxO PRIME noise reduction is the best.  But, you do need a powerful computer to process it.  When my standalone LR v6 no longer works, I will dump it and go DxO full time.  I refuse to go the subscription route.  Cheers!  -Norm

dcbrow3 wrote:

I recently asked a question about low light images on my em-5ii and it was suggested that I look at DxO PhotoLab 2 for noise reduction. Today I found time to download the trial copy. Now I want to be clear that this somewhat expensive software. The full version costs $200 I think. But the results to me are very impressive. I searched the forum and see some discussions about the software, but because people were helpful to me with my recent question, I wanted to put up some samples so you could consider this if you are having noise in high ISO images.

To test the software I intentionally shot a test photo at 25k ISO. I just looked around my house for something with a fair bit of detail to see whether it would be preserved. So it's not any kind of great photo!

These 3 samples are all from DxO using whatever default settings the software uses except for the noise reduction. One is with that turned off. One is with the noise reduction called HQ (fast). The last is with the noise reduction called Prime. Now the HQ (fast) mode shows up on screen while you're editing. The prime is computationally intensive so you don't see it on your screen. You can see a small preview of a section from your image showing the effect. You get the whole image with noise reduction only when you export the image. The images I exported were full size JPG files (does dpreview resize when you upload?)

I hope these samples help anyone looking for noise reduction help for high ISO images. Although I didn't post it here, I did run a picture of my cat shot at ISO 3200 through and again, I found it impressive how much detail in the fur was preserved given how much noise was removed.


No noise reduction

HQ (fast) noise reduction

PRIME noise reduction

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