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peppermonkey wrote:

photofan1986 wrote:

Yes, I tested dxo optics pro many times before, and I never really warmed up to the interface. But lately, I tried Photolab 2 and I find it quite usable. AND the IQ I get from the raw files is fantastic. Not only noise reduction, which is really state of the art, but also details and color accuracy for skin tones on my Panasonic cameras. I get much better colors generally than what I can get from ACR.

Now I use both dxo and ACR in alternance, depending on my mood/the picture.

Great piece of software.

generally I don't really do much noise reduction...and usually when I do, I'll dab a little on Lightroom. On rare occasions when it's important, I'll try it on DXO. Probably because I haven't tried enough but haven't really seen the difference between the two.

Now, as for colour accuracy...well, yes, DXO is much better than Lightroom. Yet, Lightroom with Xrite ColorChecker nails the colours even better than DXO.

… in case you are not aware, DXO Photolab 2 now supports .DCP camera profiles.


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