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Re: Canon RP... a mixed bag of feelings

pokesfan wrote:

Well... you bought the absolute cheapest full frame mirrorless and are using that to uphold that DSLRs are still superior. This is very flawed logic.

Nobody has said that the RP has the best EVF. If you wanted a better EVF, you should buy the R or wait for the 3rd RF camera coming. If you want to see what EVFs are capable of, go check out the best from Sony of Fuji. Canon has groundbreaking stuff coming, and it will surely be amazing. For proof look to the coming RF lens lineup.

You have bought the equivalent of the 2003 300D Digital Rebel. It is the gateway drug to a new system, at an obscenely affordable price point. So many of us here got hooked on the EF system thanks to the cameras of that era (the 20D, purchased for $1300 in 2004 in my case).

If you're truly not happy with it then I would propose that you're not the target audience for this camera. I would return it immediately and wait for a higher model that will satisfy you. But rest assured, EF glass will take a nosedive once their RF equivalents are released, and the R will continue to fall into a more affordable pricepoint (R can be found for $1800 now on Ebay). In 3 years we will all wish we had jumped sooner than later. I think that's the beauty of the RP - get in the door cheap and start using that amazing glass. The right body will come around.

I just got my RP last week. I did not see any benefit for me to go with the R. Did I want to go mirrorless? No. I did only to get experience with it. I own the 1Dx and 5dmiii and lots of lenses. I also bought it for travel rather than carrying my heavier camera bodies.  I do some paid jobs once in awhile but would not be using the RP for those jobs. It doesn't qualify for that.

Down the line there might only be a mirrorless choice with Canon and at that time I will probably need to consider to purchase it. Hopefully it will be along the lines of the 1Dx.

The purchasing of the RF lenses is another thing to deal with.

ThomasH_always wrote:

We all know of the hype-on-the-net: Mirrorless will save the planet as we know it. The EVF advantages, the future, the miracle. And how DSLR are the dinosaurs. The reality is different. I am usually letting pass some time before trying out the new tech. But here I am: I have the RP. I am The Fool Who Rushed in. Remember that great movie and a good advise?

An EVF is not even now a match to an optical viewfinder. Its physics, baby, yea! The light passing through an OVF is always a proper proportion of the incoming light. It is about energy. The EVF of the RP is glowing with exaggerated light in the dusk, and is way too dark in the sunlight. Simply horrible. If you believe the "Youtube gods" in the miraculous and now final quality of the EVF, you are a fool in the words of the immortal lyrics, which were written by Johnny Mercer.

Add to it some "little annoyances". For example, the lens cap of the RF mount fits in only one position. In a worst case twist it by close to 360 degree! We have had this blunder with Nikon 1 mount several years back already: Turn and twist the lens cap, and twist, and twist some more till it finally fits. Pity that the motif which you wanted to shoot is gone meanwhile, while you have fiddled with the lens cap . The EF lens cap fits almost instantly. One can change the lens in a shortest of time. The "modern" RF is a step back, it is a drag.

I think that some other users reported also how miserably soft are the edges of the RP EVF. It is really miserable. I guess Canon had to cut some corners to achieve this price point of the body. I would completely forgiven them the soft edges, if they would manage the luminance of the EVF to match the ambient light. But they do not. In a sun light I can barely see anything in this thing.

Add to it the fatal decision to use the tiny LP-E17 battery, drained to zero in no time. Carry 3-4 batteries with you to survive the day. Really? The LP-E6 is only approx. 35g heavier, wow! The LP-E17 is barricaded by an encrypted chip and priced at $50 (!!!), a value of maybe $6 by comparable AAA best of the breed batteries with a similar weight, voltage and a mAh capacity.

Add to it that at the moment no one interprets the RP CR3 files. We have use the horrible Canon software for the time being. Not even the DNG converter can do it.

And the transition from EF to RF is will cost you THOUSANDS. I know, the allure of the novelty is big, but you better wait for the "V2.0". Keep the DSLR, and keep shooting! To paraphrase Joe Edelman: Your best shot is the next shot.

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