Canon RP... a mixed bag of feelings

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Re: Canon RP... a mixed bag of feelings

I am guessing from your name, you do birds and bifs. I have benn using Sony cameras for months now, first the a7iii then the a7riii.  I have yet to be able to get bifs down with either camera though the a7iii is supposed to have really good af. I continue to prefer my 5d mk iv for birds--no question about it even though I have the identical Sony system set up (a7riii + 100-400 mm lens + 1.4 teleconverter).. On the other hand, I like the Sony a lot for landscapes.  I got the RP for travel and hiking.  I have been using the a7riii for that purpose, but there are two things that have frustrated me about the Sony: 1) it tends to get in weird modes I can't figure out how to get out of--my inexperience, 2) i have been having a huge problem keeping the sensor clean.  The latter is a problem that is more common in mirrorless.  It could yet be a problem with the RP and, yes, I am getting odd things with it too, but I know the Canon system so I can undo them better).

I don't see any need to make it my only camera, but I think it is great for what it is.  I wouldn't use it as my primary bird camera.

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