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Re: What will appeal to the Chinese?

Mark Ransom wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote:

So do you think a camera designed to appeal to the Chinese will also appeal to the rest of us?

What do you believe is a camera and system that will appeal particularly to the Chinese, but maybe not "to the rest of us"? I suspect all the Chinese people do not think and want exactly the same things. Just like all other people all around the world.

It would be naive to assume that every market world-wide is identical. To give just one example, I assume that the average disposable income in China is less than the average for participants of this forum. So perhaps a device targeted to that market would sacrifice functionality for a lower price. But maybe that's a prejudice I have that is not justified, so my question is legitimate - how would a product designed to appeal to Chinese tastes fail to attract a more global market? I've already seen examples of products for the Japanese market that fail to catch on internationally.

In the waning years of film cameras Kodak pinned their hopes on the Chinese and Indian markets, arguing digital cameras were too expensive for them and they would stick with film a bit longer. The Chinese and Indians did not take kindly to be patronized thusly and switched to digital even faster than the West.

One characteristic Asian markets do share is they don’t believe in the “bigger is better” mentality of the US, where pro cameras were deliberately bigger and heavier they needed to be lest they be perceived as figuratively lightweight.

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