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Re: for all FF BS, fuji told the real story, 1/3 market by value, by unit much lower

petreluk wrote:

CharlesB58 wrote:

CIPA data and other figures point to overall FF sales being around 16% of all ILC sales by unit. I've been pointing this out by years in response to the "FF will rule" crowd.

People must understand that a lot of the chatter comes from "enthusiasts" who view FF as a badge of honor. Many of them really don't need FF (in fact some of them can't take photos that match the capability of FF). But owning FF is a way of showing others they are "serious photographers" (meaning they think they are better photographers than those who don't own FF).

That's not to say that all FF owners are this way. Many FF owners who post on this forum also own m4/3 and other formats. They rightly cite certain advantages of FF, but don't come across as though FF owners are inherently better photographers.

When you stir in the blogger/vlogger divas, whose main goal in many cases is to get hits (not give accurate information) then things get messier. I watch some youtube stars go on and on about FF, then do some research, and find out they are not the "experts" or have the level of success as pros that they want people to believe.

If a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer says he does fine with m4/3, and a guy who spends more time doing youtube videos than actually working photo jobs tells me I must use FF, who has more credibility?

I agree with your sentiments but in the end this is about money and marketshare. It's just business. The camera market is nearly 90 per cent controlled by just three large companies, and the FF market is I'd guess more than 95 per cent controlled by the same three outfits.

So these three outfits - Canon, Nikon and Sony - are in a very strong position to get what they want and to drive consumers towards it. What they want are strong margins and good profits. At present it appears all three have decided to do that by pushing FF and by aiming their product ranges much more towards a smaller number of higher-priced items. They are going up the market because the received wisdom is that down the market means decimation by smartphone.

All three have now piled into mirrorless FF. That represents a huge investment for them, one they'll be looking to pay off bigtime. More FF pressure. Bear in mind that none of the smaller camera outfits are in a position to grow more than very slowly. They are too small and very probably lack access to capital. Staying small is what they do, deliberately in the case of Olympus and Ricoh, probably Fuji too. So even if consumers become iffy about FF, the big three companies will continue to call nearly all the shots and the smaller outfits won't be taking up any of the slack.

I'm not saying you are mistaken - after all, no one one knows. And it is certainly nonsense to suggest it is the camera not the photographer which makes the image. However, thinking that FF will be a hollow promise and a false dawn is betting straight against the market and the three companies which own 9/10ths of it. That might be a very wise thing to do, and fortunes have been made this way, but best to know it first.

I should emphasise that this is little or nothing to do with what brand or format suits someone. Buy whatever you want and enjoy it. Life is too short for anything else.

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